Posted On: March 03, 2008 by David H. Greenberg


African-American security guards were discriminated against by their employer, and faced racial slurs, retaliation, and even being fired from their jobs in a recent case in San Francisco,. The plaintiff, Mr. Brian C. King, was hired to work as a security guard in a shopping center in San Francisco, California. Shortly after he began work, he and other African-American security guards noticed their employers and other employees referring to them as ‘thugs, pit bulls, and ghetto security.’ His workplace became exceedingly more hostile as time went on. When Mr. King filed a report with management that he was being discriminated against based on his race, he was suspended only a few days later. After only a short week of suspension, Mr. King was fired. While management claimed that this was due to his ‘excessive use of force,’ the court found there to be sufficient evidence that this was really retaliation for Mr. King’s speaking out about his problems with discrimination in the workplace.

The court found that there was a reasonable amount of evidence to show that Mr. King was racially discriminated against, retaliated against, and ultimately wrongfully terminated. Mr. King was awarded $24,000 including economic damages from lost wages and non-economic damages for his emotional distress. The court made it clear: California and Federal law do not allow racial discrimination in the workplace, and these actions are intolerable.

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Quote taken from the Los Angeles Daily Journal, Verdicts and Settlements, February 29, 2008, Brian C. King v. Professional Security Consultants.