Posted On: August 12, 2009 by David H. Greenberg


California labor law makes it illegal for your CA employer to discriminate against you because of your religion. Your religious preferences are personal and yours to practice. In addition, federal law prohibits religious discrimination and requires your employer to make reasonable accommodations for your sincerely held religious beliefs, as long as this does not pose an undue hardship on the employer. Call an experienced employment lawyer if your employer has fired you, demoted you, or not allowed to practice your religion at work.

When several Jehovah’s Witnesses at a local AT&T were fired after attending a Jehovah’s Witness conference, they took legal action. The employees, who had been working for the company for several years, had submitted written requests to their manager for one day of leave to attend a religious observance that their sincerely held religious beliefs that required them to attend. They sued AT&T and were awarded $1.3 million in damages for the discrimination they suffered.

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